Shades of Broken: Coaching Clients To Success In Their Professional & Personal Lives.

Shane Flannigan is from Ontario, Canada and was in the law enforcement profession, in both the public and private sectors for almost 20 years. That all changed when he was professionally diagnosed with having the label PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after a violent altercation during an on duty arrest situation. Shane describes his journey with PTSD as a very deep spiritual experience that initially took him through many different healing modalities both traditional and non traditional since 2003 all with varying results on his mental health.

Over the years as a mentor to those in need… Shane has helped educate the general public, first responders, as well as current & future mental health professionals about PTSD & its related anxieties. Shane also spoke to audiences about his experience with the cutting edge treatment EMDR & other non traditional self discovery & improvement modalities which required a lot of personal effort to undertake & centered on re-living the past in order to get to a better future. Shane realized there must be something more he could do rather than ride this roller coaster of emotional ups and downs in his world, never really gaining the personal and professional success he longed for.

After nearly 2 decades, Shane re-connected with an old friend who was living in a small town in Southern, Ontario one day who told him about a revolutionary awareness she was Coaching clients in that freed them from past, present, and future trauma thoughts & the powerful feeling which accompanied them. In doing this, she “made space” in her client’s minds for greater clarity & understanding of who & what they were & what they truly wanted from life.

She took a chance & offered to work with Shane & his PTSD with this incredible paradigm shift & he agreed to give it a try. What followed was nothing short of a miracle for him and in a very short time Shane was introduced to a new reality, one of health & prosperity and a new found freedom to enjoy life and thrive both personally and professionally. After a short period of time of coaching with his friend all his PTSD symptoms were alleviated.

“Everything I thought that held me back in my every day life was gone and I could live everyday in an authentic manner with that freedom and confidence”. After achieving significant & very positive personal & professional results from this new awareness in a fraction of the time it took 20 years of traditional therapy to achieve he knew this is what he had been looking for. Shane was so impressed by the principals of this system and how well they had worked with him that he embarked on learning as much as he could about this methodology that freed him from the negative symptoms of PTSD, stress of regular life, and allowed him to flourish in his business. Shane trained with world renowned thought leaders and was excited that what he was learning would change the world for those who were ready for outstanding results in their lives.

Now Shane successfully mentors people from around the globe as a personal “Life Auxiliary”, to the everyday person looking to achieve new & refreshing personal goals in their personal life to business leaders and beyond. ” I am truly a living example of how well this works & the personal freedom it provides me each day”. Allow me the opportunity to mentor you to your individual successes on this journey of life”.

Clarity, Balance, Success.

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Wherever the shallow ends
And the deep begins
Is where I will
Meet you.

I will be there
To listen
Not to judge,
But listen.

I shall do all I can
To understand the hurt
Help to find the answers
Even when there are none.

I will be by your side
To help take away the sadness
Make sense of this world and
Find a way to make it better.

With a heart that is filled with love
A mind that is as open as the sunrise
Filled with kindness and peace,
Beside you, forever, I will be.

Look for me.
I will be there waiting
Where the shallow ends
And the deep begins.

August 16, 2021

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