As your personal Executive Coach I will work closely to assist you in attaining your goals and dreams for your business using a simple & easy to understand and work with 3 principle program that will remove blocks and assist with growing you & your business to name just a few of the benefits of having me coach you. Your dreams are only limited by your thinking.

$20,000 (for 3 months of service)


You will be personally mentored one on one by international author &  Life Auxiliary, Shane Flannigan (dubbed by his many fans as a “A Mister Rogers For Adults”) in 3 month blocks via live 1 hour video sessions each week as well as regular emails giving you excellent trackable support along your journey. (The price reflects a 3 month block of time)

$2,500.00 (per 3 month block)


I am now assisting corporations of all sizes with developing & implementing a positive mental health program that can be customized to your unique needs with a real person at your disposal.

Standard benefits:

  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Promote a healthy work environment.

Emotional benefits:

  • Enable your employees to feel more comfortable in their workplace.


PERSONAL MENTORING AS NEEDED WITH SHANE (only when scheduled by client)

This flexible program gives you most of the great features of our 3 month program but you only book when you want on an as per needed basis. (Video Sessions Only)

$250 (per hour)


Invite international author, Life Auxiliary & public speaker dubbed by his fans “A Mister Rogers For Adults” Shane Flannigan to speak at your next live event. His message is one of love, unity & understanding with an unique perspective of looking at your life and expanding on traditional concepts with a twist and showing what we can really achieve in our life time with a simple lens change.

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FIRST RESPONDER (Critical Incident Stress Response)

This unique “way of life” program is designed with the first responder in mind before, during & after the call. Everyone responds differently and copes differently with the stress of the job. This can lead to expressions of that stress in many forms such as anger, depression, always being on edge, drinking or substance abuse to name just a few. You will learn from someone who’s been apart of an on the job critical incident that finished his career and left him broken with PTSD.  The recovery from the ashes of his life to once again being a functional member of society was a long road to an uncertain future. However Shane learned many new ways to live with peace & tranquility every day not from a professional psychotherapist which he had been under the care of for 18 years but rather from a unique wellness professional that took a chance that her teachings would impact Shane greatly & they did in a very short time & that totally changed his life forever.

Today Shane runs a very successful Life Auxiliary service as a result of his mind blowing recovery & lives a life of adventure, peace & tranquility. Shane also loves to help first responders find the same peace of mind and body in their lives. Shane can work one on one with you or with groups, online or in person, with this “way of life” program and offer continuous deep learning & listening, guidance and personal support as we look through the storms in our heads.  This unique (client focused care model) will allow you to see things differently and teach your mind and body to work together in a very calm but clear headed way under stress of any kind & that will increase productivity and reduce sick leave down time.

Please use our contact page to ask for more information on creating a custom program for YOU individually or your agency as a whole.

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Life is too short to live a life that’s not your authentic self. Join internationally renowned author and award-winning Life Auxiliary Shane Flannigan as he mentors & supports you one on one via video appointments from his warm & inviting office located in Ontario, Canada on how to live in peace & tranquility like he does… everyday in the moment & achieve your goals without pressure or expectations.

Although located in Canada Shane serves clients globally.

Detach mentally from human constructs such as money or material things, find peace within ourselves by living fully present of what matters most instead: family & friends; creativity (artistic/writing); nature connection–all these “Way of Life” teachings will help lead us towards an increased sense of joy & happiness in our own lives which can become evident through less stress & therefore the by product of your change is that it removes blockages and restores vital heart energy & will affect positive changes in others around you without you lifting a finger.

Please understand Shane’s “Way of Life” teachings are deep learning and there is no finish line for anyone. Only a point where we agree to part ways with joy in our hearts for your future.

Price: $150 per hour (minimum of 4 appointments) payment plans available please contact us to Inquire.