Death of Someone You Know

In the most difficult times in life, it is important to know that you are not alone. Death of a loved one can be devastating. It comes as no surprise that grieving and moving forward after death are both complicated processes. Grieving includes feeling sad, angry, numb or confused while trying to find meaning in your loss. Moving on means letting go emotionally and finding new ways to live the rest of your life without them ΜΆ even if they were only with us for a short time. You may feel like you’re never going to heal; however there is hope! Friends and family members have gone through this process before so it’s possible for all of us too as well, we just need help from others who’ve been here before.” Death is a hard concept for adults let alone children who lost a favorite pet or grandparents. The way I see it children can be gently introduced to the concept of death even before they experience it as a way to make the subject okay to openly talk about. If taught this early enough they will handle this topic with grace & love & tears. Death is a hard concept for adults to understand, let alone children who have lost a favorite pet or grandparents they are close with. The way I see it, teaching them this early enough will help make the subject okay to openly talk about and handle gracefully when the time comes. If you teach your child how death works before they experience it themselves they will be better able to deal with it when their turn arrives. How do you feel about death? What has been your experience in dealing with loss so far? Let us know what’s worked well for you in talking about death with loved ones!