I have often been asked because of my Shamanic background to interpret peoples dreams over the years and I always struggled with the answers. That was until I learned that our dreams are always being shown to us in various ways depending on what’s happening externally to us and with the implications of being exposed to “the dream”… media of all types tell us what success / dreams in life should look like.

We are considered still asleep at this stage I now understand.

We need to truly open our eyes to the reality we are already living our dreams…read that again. Now you may argue but my life “sucks” and all of this and that happened !!! and I am not saying that you didn’t face many challenges… but it also doesn’t mean you are not living your dreams in your thought created reality moment by moment.

There is an old saying that comes in various written forms that goes something like this, no matter who you think you are..your right.

On a lighter note everyone can change the direction and content of their dreams and be in total control moment by present moment to whatever success they envision for themselves. They just have to awaken & live the dream…..its that easy.

All My Love Shane