Ego In Service To Wisdom

The ego mind is so tangled up within ourselves that it’s a natural go to place when were not conscious of it…. creeping into our conversations and life with and around others.

However what if you really looked at your ego & got really clear on it, what triggers it to arrive like a police car to your perceived situation and when you really see your ego arising day to day moment to moment you would be using your ego in service to your inner wisdom to see what only you can deeply see within your beautiful self.

What your ego is telling & showing you in the moment is all made up by your ego… so you find it unclear to see the truth ..beyond what it shows you…in other words you need to get to a wash station and clean your windshield so you can see clearly now, because ego takes so many forms you wouldn’t believe it.

So I invite you to go and reflect on this on your own and see the many places ego has intruded within yourself. Don’t feel bad about it just be curious !

Love Always Shane