Getting Naked

I many years ago had a number of t-shirts made that said on them “B Naked” on the front. Now people loved the concept but not the message on the T-Shirt because by all accounts people who they encountered while wearing the shirt thought initially it meant to actually get naked and take their clothes off.

No one wearing the T-Shirt wanted to be mistaken as a hippy celebrating getting naked in public. Little did they know their resistance to what they thought it meant was kind of the message and purpose behind the shirts.

Most people I have met have this aversion to being seen. They wear all kinds of masks & costumes everyday to protect themselves from being seen for who they really are…authentic, loving human beings who have questions about what’s going on in their world but are afraid to ask someone for fear they don’t look competent and have “it” all together. What is “it” anyway ?

So to “B Naked” like the message on the T-Shirts I was telling you about earlier means to literally be yourself and be vulnerable to everyone in your world…which is everyone.. to be just titles…no status in life…just plain old beautiful you.

If your finding it hard to weed through the tangled wires of your life to find out who you really are call me…I am an artist and an electrician and I will gladly update your wiring so you can see with clarity the vast ocean of the authentic you …you really are. It’s not that scary believe me & hey if you want a T-Shirt let me know.

Love Always Shane