Insights in the Moment by Jane Tucker: True Love

Insights in the Moment by Jane Tucker:
True Love
If we look for love from outside of ourselves,
we’re looking in the wrong direction. This is not to
say that two people can’t find happiness together,
can’t be devoted to each other and find rich, beautiful
feelings together, the same goes for people in a
family, or groups of close friends. It is beautiful to
share love with others – one of the most
beautiful feelings we can find in life.

When we experience deep feelings of love,
our minds are free from negative thoughts, from
insecurity, from selfishness. It feels wonderful and natural,
and it is. Romantic love, awe and protectiveness for a
newborn baby, the comfort of being with an old and
trusted friend – these are just a few expressions of
the Great Love that is within us all, always.
We can never lose this feeling – we only think we do.
If we believe Love is coming from another person,
we can become insecure, thinking that if that person leaves
or withdraws emotionally, we won’t “have” love anymore.
The truth is, we don’t have “have” love, it is what we are. It
is more than a feeling, it is our essence.

It is here within, anytime we are ready to let go of the
thoughts telling us otherwise.
The more deeply we realize this, the purer and stronger
our love for others becomes. If we start to become
judgmental or ungrateful, we can laugh at ourselves,
and the feeling of love returns. After all, why deprive
ourselves of the most beautiful feeling there is, just to
indulge in negative thoughts?

If you fear that such an attitude would make you
fall victim to another’s mistreatment, you are
misunderstanding. True Love and Wisdom are one
and the same. When we are filled with the feeling
of love, we are wise and in turn with our inner guidance.
This wisdom and guidance protect us from harm.
It is only when we fear losing love (when we make
the mistake of thinking it’s coming from someone else)
that we ignore our common sense and allow
ourselves to be mistreated.

True Love is Spiritual. It is unconditional, and
not afraid. True Love is the most powerful guide
and the greatest protection there is.
Which thoughts seem more important to you than experiencing deep feelings of love?