Own Your Space Energy

Wherever you go in the world you bring an energy awareness with you and you emit energy in any room you enter. Now that energy can be pure love each time or it can appear to be toxic to others depending on how your day is going.

Either way you own it and are responsible for bringing it to every occasion. Ping pong comes to mind…as our energy shows others different aspects of our thinking and it can be very erratic feeling to all involved sometimes. However it doesn’t have to be limiting or toxic this energy you produce because only you can dream yourself into being each and every day and choose to walk with an innate universal energy that shows you the way and makes a path so bright you can see for miles. How do you know when you are emitting this universal energy ?

What does it feel or look like ? People will show you by the abundance of them who show up & are attracted to your light…who want to want to be around you. So own your space energy wherever that may be… illuminate the great universal energy living within you.

Love Always Shane