Shane Flannigan is an international author, business & life coach & shamanic practitioner as well as a 20 year survivor of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & it’s related debilitating anxieties all which he suffered from as a result of a violent & traumatic incident that occurred while on duty during his private law enforcement career back in 2003 in Niagara Ontario Canada where he was a pioneer along with his wife Michealynn in the private policing field.

Shane speaks very personally and passionately about his journey with PTSD and the various coping skills which saved his life early on during some very dark days with this invisible injury. His primary message to audiences ranging from college & university students to mental health professionals, first responders and every day people from our global community is one of inspiration and the personal search to come home to himself in the face of extreme mental health adversity. His speaking engagements emphasize the use of unconventional language & he will discuss the universal innate knowing and understanding that we all possess to make positive change in our lives everyday.

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