Who Are You Really ?

This was written by an amazing woman & good friend Dianne Tarpy. Please check out her website at the bottom of this page:

Today, at the dawn of a new day,
think about how you make
people feel.
What have you done that people
will remember you for?
What kindness have you shown
to others with whom you live, work, and play?
Have you been respectful?
Today, take just one moment to be grateful for those who make a difference in your life.
Let them know how much you care.
People may forget quickly what you said or what you have done.
But they will never, ever forget
how you made them feel.
Be that person who people want to be with.
Who bring a smile to a face
Whose heart is bigger than their ego.
Who realize what is important in life.
It is not always about
who came in first.
Or who has the most money.
Or the fancy car.
It is those who have won the admiration of many by the difference
they have made in a person’s life.
By how they made you feel.
Today be one of those people.
❤️Dianne Tarpy
August 17, 2021